iDink Wear

iDink Wear was started for the same reason you play the game - We love Pickleball! We also love great looking sports clothes and accessories. We knew we’d be in Pickleball for the rest of our lives so we decided to jump in! We have been providing the Pickleball world great looking Pickleball wear from day one! We both  play competitive and recreational Pickleball and can’t get enough of it. We are passionate about Pickleball and quality Pickleball wear. Our first slogan says it all “For the Love of Pickleball - Let’s Play!” iDink Wear - dedicated to the best the game offers!

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Engage Pickleball

EngagePickleball is a US-based manufacturer that takes Pickleball paddles to the next level.  We perform every step of the paddle manufacturing process ourselves here in the United States.


All the design, innovation and creativity is done internally by our engineers.  We work with US-based suppliers to come up with new core components and processes.  We then take all this into our own manufacturing plant to design, engineer and build the leading edge paddles with our own in-house technicians.


Why do we do this when most paddle manufacturers outsource their paddles to OEM manufacturers overseas.  It's simple.  To ensure the quality and workmanship in every paddle we make, and the proper 'quality controls' and procedures are in place.  The end result.  Technologically advanced paddles backed by industry leading warranty process and game changing customer service.

Pickleball Rocks

Pickleball Rocks is quite possibly the greatest advocate of the sport in the country.  The team of dedicated workers that comprise the staff at Pickleball Rocks share their love and enthusiasm for the game in everything they do.  Wheather you're looking for clothing or equipment, you're sure to find it at Pickleball Rocks!

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